Process Monitoring and Testing, Data Management and Manufacturing Analytics

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Sciemetric has worked with manufacturers for over 25 years to solve their biggest productivity and quality issues, and optimize their production lines quickly, through in-process monitoring/testing and practical data analysis.

Sciemetric works in the global automotive, off-highway, medical and consumer electronics industries to help manufacturers bring Manufacturing 4.0 to their production line, from leak test to any test.

The data management and manufacturing analytics of QualityWorX and Sciemetric Studio empower manufacturers to start using their data today for visibility and fast issue resolution.
Sigpod 1204


An out-of-the-box solution for monitoring test and assembly process with an intuitive user interface for quick and easy set-up.
3520 series

3520 Series Leak Tester

The 3520 Series Leak Tester is based on patented leak test technology delivering supreme accuracy and fast cycle times.
Custom machines sciemetric

Turnkey Leak Test Stations

Sciemetric offers a selection of turnkey leak test stations to allow for quick and easy installation on your production line.
Qualityworx database

QualityWorX Database

Centralized, organized, easy to access. It's your data, the way you need it.
Qualityworx dashboard

QualityWorX Dashboard

One-click visual reports with drill down for more detail.
Sciemetric studio

Sciemetric Studio

Next generation analytics for Industry 4.0.
Qualityworx vision

QualityWorX Vision

Enrich your analysis with images and scalar data from vision systems.
Qwx cts datahub

QualityWorX for CTS Instruments

Learn more about the turnkey QualityWorX CTS DataHub and scalable QualityWorX Enterprise solution for CTS instruments.