Assembly and Testing Solutions Driven By Teamwork and Innovation

ATC Automation has specialized in assembly and test systems for a variety of industries for over three decades. ATC Automation applies a wide range of assembly technologies and engineered solutions in all facets of discrete part assembly. They have a 134,000 square-foot facility located in Cookeville, Tenn with more than 180 employees.
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  • 24/7 service availability
  • Solid Works, CAD
  • Custom and Build-to-Print
  • On-site installation support, training, operation manuals and customer service
  • 100% Cross-functional team based

Fully Automated Systems

At ATC Automation, we understand manufacturing and what it takes to succeed.  This is why we offer solutions that fit any manufacturing scenario.

Our fully automated solutions effectively take off where human interaction is not possible.  Whether it is because of hazardous situations, clean room conditions, repetitive motion demanding precise assembly, massive data collection points, or to become a more competitive manufacturer, ATC has a turnkey solution that will work.

Semi Automated Systems

Understanding manufacturing of various types is key for an automation company.  This is why ATC Automation offers engineered solutions that will be advantageous for any manufacturing company.  If you are looking for a system that helps to control or improve quality, ease strenuous manufacturing processes, while reducing cost; then you will want to consider ATC’s semi-automated systems.  A semi-automated system is the logical choice for any company that is advancing in its manufacturing processes but is not quite ready for a complete, fully automated system.  Whatever you have in mind, ATC has a designed solution for you.

Lean Systems

At ATC Automation, we recognize the importance of lean manufacturing and its impact on profitability. We have developed lean concepts to help improve quality, eliminate defects, improve production time, and ultimately reduce costs.