Automatic Cleaning Systems

Aqueous-Based Industrial Parts Washers and Sanitization Systems
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Better Engineering was founded in 1960 upon the invention of a machine called the “Torque Converter Flusher.” This patented machine was used by automatic transmission repair facilities to gauge and clean torque converters during the rebuilding process.

By 2010, Better Engineering has established itself as a premier manufacturer of complex in-line cleaning systems such as the conveyor washer shown at the top right… this high speed belt washer cleans metal stampings at a speed of 30 feet per minute… the stampings are held between two (2) belts so they can’t move and get scratched… the parts move through six (6) stages, exiting the unit completely clean, dry, and spot free.
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Genesis Washers

  • For "Wash Only" applications
  • Automatic Spray Washers
  • Industrial Quality
  • "BE" Guarantees
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Turntable Washers

  • Four (4) major product groups
  • Over 30 standard parts washer models
  • Mild steel or stainless steel
  • Unlimited customization
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Conveyor Washers

  • Rugged construction, elegant design
  • Standard belt widths 14 - 48 inches
  • Custom widths & systems available
  • Modular construction
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  • Agitating Platforms (Multi-speed)
  • Ultrasonic Power
  • Unlimited Stages
  • Full Automation Available
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Drum Washers

  • Clean small parts in volume
  • Standard drum diameters 14 - 48 inches
  • Continuously welded helix
  • Modular construction
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Tumbling Washers

  • Spray/Immersion technology
  • Ultrasonic cleaning available
  • Parts tumble in baskets or lock in fixtures
  • Ideal for small parts or parts with blind holes
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RTO Washers

  • Super compact
  • Designed for work cells and lean manufacturing centers
  • Often incorporated in automation processes
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Custom Washers

  • Dunnage washers, tote washers
  • Tube and pipe washers
  • Monorail washers
  • Flushing systems and more...